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Chamber Events Committee

Supporting Chamber events within the community

The Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce Events Committee team assists the Chamber staff with the creation and strategy of Chamber events. This body oversees the Chamber’s two annual events – the 4th of July Parade and the Business Excellence Awards Gala. The committee evaluates the content, frequency, and value of Chamber events, and works to connect members with hosting and sponsorship opportunities.  

Benefits of Chamber Events

Annual 4th of July Parade

Local Business Exposure

Local businesses have the ability to showcase their business in front of thousands of visitors through sponsorships and parade floats.

Summer Visitation

The Annual 4th of July Parade plays host to thousands of visitors and locals, meaning plenty of foot traffic to your business.

Annual Business Excellence Awards Gala


The Business Excellence Awards allows the Chamber the opportunity to recognize those in the community who go above and beyond in many different categories.

Community Engagement 

While the Chamber provides recognition, we look to the community for input. Voting is open to the public and empowers our community to assist in the recognition of their favorite businesses.