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    About Us

    MLTPA is the engine behind the Mammoth Lakes Trail System - providing the know how and power to keep up on trail maintenance, maintaining the MammothTrails.org online trail guide, organizing Trail Days stewardship events, planning new projects and keeping track of all the legal paperwork that goes into the Trail System.

    Some Mammoth Lakes Trail System Projects:
    - Trail Days - sustainable recreation
    - MammothTrails.org - online guide to the trail system
    - Poo Fairy Program
    - Sherwins Area Recreation Plan
    - Winter grooming at Shady Rest (when snowfall allows)

    Visit MLTPA.org for more behind the scenes information. Or go to MammothTrails.org for USFS-sanctioned information about local trails and experiences.


    Project Specialist
    Category: Planning
    The Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation (MLTPA) is seeking energetic, motivated applicants interested in serving as a Project Specialist. A successful applicant will have a demonstrated interest in public policy including Sustainable Recreation, ecosystem management, State of California climate change policies and initiatives, state and federal public funding opportunities, and ...read more
    Contact: Gretchen Haselbauer
    Phone:(760) 934-3154