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Customer Service Committee

Strengthening customer service in our community

The Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce’s Customer Service Committee actively seeks and explores methods for training our community on providing excellent customer service. There are several Power Lunches and trainings held throughout the year specifically speaking to customer service. Every November, before the winter season, the Chamber brings in a speaker to host workshops for managers/owners, as well as frontline employees.

The Chamber’s Youth Workforce Development Program, which assists member businesses in attracting and training entry-level employees, is housed under the Customer Service Committee.  

What does the Customer Service Committee oversee?

Overseen by the Customer Service Committee, the Customer Service Workshop is hosted by the Chamber every November for local businesses. This two-day event features a Manager Power Luncheon and two free frontline workshops. Each year, a new speaker is selected by the committee to speak at the customer service workshop in preparation for the busy winter season.

One of the newest Chamber programs, the Customer Service Committee oversees Youth Workforce Development. April 2022 marked the first Student Job Fair, where the Chamber partnered with Mammoth High School to bring over 20 businesses to the students and was able to help many of our businesses find summer employees.