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Business Excellence Award Nominations & Information

The Business Excellence Awards Gala is an annual event organized by the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce to recognize outstanding businesses and individuals in different categories. Nominations are open to everyone, and all submissions are anonymous.

We highly encourage providing a detailed description when submitting nominations. We value additional information on why a particular business or individual deserves to be nominated.

Nominations are open from March 15 - August 1.

Nomination Categories

Submit Your Nominations

Winners from 2023 cannot win in the same category again. View 2023 winners HERE.

  1. Non-members can be nominated, but they must become members before the final voting becomes public. View current members HERE.
  2. Nominations are not edited, meaning any spelling errors or other unusual details are presented to the judging committee exactly as they were received by us.

Click the link to complete the survey. BEA Nominations

Overview of Process and Rules & Regulations:

Goal of the Business Excellence Awards

The Business Excellence Awards Nominating Committee has a clear objective: to promote excellence and acknowledge exemplary accomplishments. Their aim is to identify role models who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and encourage others to follow their lead. By recognizing members who have made exceptional contributions through their involvement and leadership, the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce seeks to honor those who have made a significant impact and serve as inspirations within our community.

Nominating Committee Process

The nominating committee is composed of the following individuals: previous year's winners or honorable mention (if the winner is unable to attend), a town council member, an executive from an outside chamber, the MLCC Board President, and chamber staff.

  1. Nominating Process:
    • Each nominating committee member must select three people or businesses for each category.
    • The committee aims to recommend a diverse range of candidates representing various community sectors, such as retail, business-to-business, restaurants, etc.
    • Each nominee can only appear in the top three for one category to ensure recognition for multiple individuals and businesses.
    • The goal is to have 24 different businesses or individuals as nominees.
  2. Conflict of Interest:
    • Suppose a committee member has a conflict of interest, such as sitting on the board, having previously worked for a particular business, or owning the company. In that case, they are not allowed to make selections in that specific category.
    • During the committee's discussion of the conflicted category, the committee member with the conflict will be placed in the Zoom waiting room while the rest of the committee deliberates.
  3. Deadlock Resolution:
    • In cases where two individuals or businesses are equally outstanding, and the nominating committee cannot reach a decision, the President and Executive Director of the Mammoth Lakes Chamber will collaborate.
    • They have the authority and discretion to determine the recipient using a chosen method.
  4. Final Nominee Selection:
    • Chamber Members will vote final award recipients